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Details of exclusive Ford Transit Limousine in Saigon Ford 2019

Details of exclusive Ford Transit Limousine in Saigon Ford 2019

Introducing genuine 2019 Ford Transit Limousine: 9-seater, 10-seater, 16-seat version, exclusive luxury class. Contact 0909.516.156 for advice and reservations. Support for buying Ford car on installments.

If you're familiar with the 16-seater Ford Transit commercial models, you may have heard of Ford Transit Limousine. This is a high-class model of the Transit model, converted into a 10-seat car (or leaving 16 seats) with extremely high-class facilities and facilities that are very convenient for high-end transportation businesses.

Currently, there are no more than 5 vendors providing 16-seat Transit improvement products into 10-seat Transit Limousine such as Dcar Limousine, Saigon Ford ... However, if you want to buy a genuine Transit Limousine product, you will not You can skip Saigon Ford Dealer (61A Cao Thang, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City).

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Exterior of Ford Transit Limousine 2019

The car maintains the overall dimensions of 5780 x 2000 x 2360 mm, wheelbase of 3750 mm, unchanged from the standard versions available on the market.

Transit Limousine has a very good appearance with many stickers to create a luxurious and classy look. Details such as the grille, headlamps or wind cavity remain. The wide 15 inch wheels make sure for this version. External rearview mirror supports electrical adjustment conveniently.

In addition, the special feature for the high-end version is the replacement from the traditional window glass to the continuous glass version of the Ford Transit Luxury version of the US, as well as the installation of all-car lighting system using technology. LED with smart custom function.

Interior of Ford Transit Limousine 2019
Interior Transit Limousine 10 seats (Ford Transit Limousine 9 seats) is designed very sophisticated with convenient installation details intuitively, including LED lighting system interior, the speaker range for feeling deep warm sound as well as air conditioning optimizes the temperature for each row of seats. The standard seat design, leather upholstery and business class together with high-class wooden floors, soundproofing is a unique feature of this Transit.

It can be seen that Transit Limousine owns the interior with a total of 3 equipment levels, of which the most complete is still the high-end version, the remaining versions are omitted, replacing materials or equipment to lower costs. .

Regarding the high-end version, the car owns a series of luxurious amenities: Four electric VIP seats with vibration massage, footrest, and third-row electric sliding seats. The cockpit and other compartment are separated by a mezzanine partition incorporating the 21 inch screen above.

The entertainment experience of the car is also very impressive with the Alpine sound system, combined with the imported Pioneer 1 DVD player, not to mention the wifi generator with a backup battery, allowing passengers to access the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Vehicles equipped with mechanical curtains imported from the United States specialize in providing aircraft and yachts, along with comfortable cooling cabinets 21 liters and 5 USB ports used to charge handheld devices, larger electronic devices Such as laptops can use a 220V power outlet and 500W power adapter.

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Operation mode
In addition to the interior changes, most of the Ford Transit 2019 Limousine 10 seats (9 seats for passengers) has not changed much, upgraded significantly in terms of operation. Vehicles using 2.4L Turbo Diesel engine producing 138 horsepower and 375 Nm.

Equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox and hydraulic steering, the Transit model offers a very flexible, authentic driving feel and sleeveless dress. Remarkably, this Limousine version adds an automatic power-off system when the driver stops the car to save power.

The front suspension of the car is independent, torsion springs and hydraulic dampers, rear suspension is dependent, the tweezers are combined shock absorbers, plus good sound insulation from design and use of objects. Should limousine be fairly balanced and stable?

The car uses a medium-sized 16-inch lazang accompanied by 215 / 75R16 tires that grip the road well, helping the car more balanced when cornering or poor road conditions.

Security system
Vehicles equipped with disc brakes for all 4 wheels, with anti-lock braking system, 2 airbags for the front seat. Highlight is the high-end version with Reverse Camera that supports image capture by rearview mirror.

Limousine version really promises to create a high-class experience for passengers in the car, while ensuring the familiar driving feel for the driver if customers want to upgrade their fleet. The price is higher than the regular version but the luxury feel is a guarantee for Transit Limousine.

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