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Details of the Ford Tourneo Trend 2020 car

Details of the Ford Tourneo Trend 2020 car

Ford Tourneo Trend 2020 - the cheapest 7-seat MPV version of the Ford family was launched in October. Tourneo Trend promises to be a serious competitor in the large 7-seat MPV segment in Vietnam with air suspension for the first time in the segment but with an easily accessible price.

Exterior - sturdy, large
Ford Tourneo standard version is not too different from the 16-seat Transit. The car has a huge chassis with an overall dimensions of 4976 x 2095 x 1990 mm.

The vehicle has a protruding nose section with chrome chrome steering wheel. Tourneo is considered quite sophisticated when borrowed from the EcoSport junior model to help reduce the roughness for the versatile MPV model.

Most prominent in the front of the car is a large headlight cluster on both sides that makes the car more bulky. Tourneo Trend is equipped with Halogen headlamp cluster with Projector lens and LED daytime running lights.

The body of the car remains the same MPV style with the large frame of the box shape. The whole body is on small 16-inch wheels but with thick tires. Vehicles with electric folding mirrors, integrated turn signal lights.

Striking right into the eyes of the user is the tail shaped giant square. The doors open wide to the sides to make loading the goods more convenient.

LED lights on both sides tasked with tail lights hugging the body, making the car less rough. Thick rear bumper incorporates reflective light arrays.

Interior - spacious, comfortable seat
The cabin of the Ford Tourneo 2020 Trend 2.0 AT car is quite spacious and airy with a wheelbase of 2933 mm with optimal design of interior seats.

Just above the ceiling of the second row is an electric sunroof that feels quite airy. The Tourneo Trend dashboard is beautifully shaped. The creases erase the prejudice of a practical MPV and instead, it is more modern and sophisticated.

The car has a flexible 4-way adjustable steering wheel for better grip. The gear lever is located right next to the driver to operate quickly and simply.

The car has a picture of 7 seats 2-2-3 and all seats are covered with high-grade leather. The first two rows of seats have fatigue-free armrests when away.

6-way manual driver's seat helps the driver find the right position. The second row of seats can recline, slide back comfortably. The third row of seats are reclined, folding 60:40 with the ability to roll forward to create a path for the rear.

Comfort - basic, sufficient
The cooling ability of Tourneo Trend is similar to that of rival Peugeot Traveler when equipped with 2-zone automatic air conditioner before and after. There are also air vents in each row to help distribute the air evenly.

As the lowest-end version, the infotainment system on Tourneo Trend 2020 has only basic features such as:

  • 3.5 inch Dot Matrix screen, MP3, MP4
  • AM / FM, Bluetooth, USB connection
  • 6-speaker sound system
  • 220V power outlet
  • With the price of about 1 billion, we can not ask too high for comfort on an MPV model.

Super smooth operation
The 2020 Ford Tourneo Trend is equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost 16-valve Gasoline engine that produces a maximum capacity of 200 horsepower, which is more than 50 horsepower compared to Peugeot Traveler, maximum torque of 300 Nm.

Driving the Tourneo Trend 2.0L AT 2020 in the city is quite light thanks to a 6-speed automatic transmission that helps the gearshift process be quick and smooth, not as jerky as a manual transmission. Comes with front-wheel drive system to help the vehicle operate more stably.

The most expensive equipment of the Tourneo Trend 2020 is the air suspension system that first appeared in the large 7-seat MPV segment. This is also the detail that makes Ford Tourneo attract much attention from public opinion these days.

Air suspension is only used on expensive models that cost more than 4 billion piles with superior damping advantages compared to conventional suspension systems. When surfing over obstacles or "potholes", air suspension will impact on the dampers to help the car glide smoothly.

Meanwhile, rivals in the segment like Kia Sedona 7 seats or Honda Odyssey mostly use independent or multi-point suspension, so in terms of smoothness, no name can surpass Tourneo Trend 2020. Comes with a thick tire set with parameters 215 / 65R16.

Tourneo Trend 2020 has a height of 149 mm, not too high to help the car have good stability and grip, minimizing unsteady situation when overcoming obstacles.

Safety system at the basic level
Tourneo Trend 2020 will not be equipped with a reversing camera, so parking will be a little difficult, especially for a fairly large MPV model. Besides, the car also has other basic features such as:

  • Anti-lock braking ABS
  • Electronic brake force distribution EBD
  • Electronic balance ESP
  • Departure across the slope of HAC
  • Rear parking assistance
  • 2 airbags

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