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Details of Lexus GX 2020 car

Details of Lexus GX 2020 car

After 5 years, the Lexus brand finally decided to "launch" the second-generation Lexus GX 2020 luxury SUV after the first generation was launched in 2014.

Bunkers, superficial but still exuding elegance are the majority of comments about the appearance that Lexus GX 2020 receives from the media and customers. The chassis of GX 2020 has an overall dimensions of length x width x height of 4880 x 1885 x 1885 mm, respectively.

Expanding the grille is a trend that luxury car manufacturers apply to their products. If you think that the BMW X7 2020 has a large grille, then you will be surprised when Lexus 2020 has designed Lexus grille even bigger, occupying most of the front of the car.

The old horizontal bars in the previous version were replaced by the mesh structure painted black extremely pitiful and masculine. Surrounded by a delicate chrome border. Thereby helping the "face" of the Lexus GX 2020 looks "much cooler".

The headlight system has been refreshed with a sharp 3-LED structure. Below is a strip of LED daytime running lights pointed inward, the design often seen on newer Lexus models.

It would be an exaggeration to consider the Lexus GX 2020 to be extremely spacious space because the car has a wheelbase of 2789 mm. However, thanks to reasonable allocation, passengers still have leg room quite comfortable.

On top of that there is an electric sunroof that helps the cabin compose natural light, creating airy space.

The dashboard area is designed specifically for men who have a strong style, ceiling style because most of the lines are square and rough. The dashboard "spine" is a sturdy rectangular array with a central touch screen accent.

Lexus GX 2020 uses a 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated memory function and convenient control keys.

All seats are upscale leather and moderate elasticity, not too soft for owners to feel excited about the terrain.

The front seats of the car have eight-way power adjustment that features memory, heating and ventilation. The second row includes 2 luxurious single business seats for VIP guests.

The ability of the Lexus GX 2020 SUV is still similar to the "predecessor" when using the 2-3 independent zone air conditioning system. Rear seats are arranged air conditioning vents through the control panel.

Some of the standard entertainment features on the Lexus GX 2020 include: 8-inch touch screen, DVD player, USB connection, Bluetooth, 9-speaker audio system. , start with the 12V power button.

If you have a high demand for music experience, the owner can choose a high-quality Mark Levinson sound system including 17 speakers with top quality.

The "heart" of the Lexus GX 2020 is a 4.6L V8 Petrol engine block that produces a maximum capacity of 301 horsepower, maximum torque of 446 Nm. Comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system with pulling power up to 2948 kg. (See also: Details of Lexus GX460 2020)

Most notably, the optional Off-Road Package helps GX 2020 carry out tough terrain smoothly when combined with a height of 206 mm.

This optional package will include: a driving mode selection system suitable for Multi-Terrain Select terrain, Crawl Control over-speed select system, gearbox cooling and fuel tank protection.

Lexus GX 2020 is equipped with disc brakes front / rear and electric power steering to help bring a gentle steering feel. Vehicles with fuel consumption in urban and non-urban areas, respectively, are 15.68L / 100km, 10.07L / 100km, 14.7L / 100km.

Lexus GX 2020 is equipped with a range of safety features such as lane departure warning, early collision warning with pedestrian detection. High-speed cruise control by radar, electronic equalization.

And yet, the car also has: anti-lock braking, emergency brake support, electronic brake force coordination, support for steep departure, electronic traction control, tire pressure warning.

It can be seen that the second-generation Lexus GX 2020 is not only transformed in appearance but also significantly improved the ability to off-raod through additional packages that are worth the money. Thereby helping to enhance the customer experience and strengthen its position in the luxury 7-seat SUV segment.

The sides of the GX 2020 retain the old style typical of Lexus SUVs. Comes with creating a square, muscular and accentuated by floating tiles in the rear wheel arch to help the body create a strong look.

Supporting for the frame is a large multi-spoke dual-rim unit, and two sides are modern rearview mirrors with power folding function integrated with position memory, mirror drying and turn signals. Both the door handle and the rearview mirror are painted in the same color of the vehicle body to create a beautiful seamless block.

The tail does not change too much, remains a familiar design, be out like the Lexus LX 570 is sold in Vietnam. LED taillights have vertical design encroaching on the whole body. It's a pity that the rear end of the car only has a single exhaust cluster that does not bring a balanced look.

Lexus also offers customers the Sport Design Package equipped with upgrades to the grille surround, rearview mirror, rear diffuser, and black matte exhaust. Especially the gray 19 inch alloy wheels, which helps the appearance of GX 2020 look more sporty.

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