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Details of Lexus GX460 2020 Facelift vehicles

Details of Lexus GX460 2020 Facelift vehicles

Although not popular in Vietnam, the Lexus GX460 SUV is one of the four best-selling Lexus models in the US market.

Currently this luxury SUV has been officially launched in Vietnam market since October this year.

Although the 2nd generation has been launched since 2014, until now, Lexus has just released the upgraded GX460 2020 under increasing pressure from rivals in the segment such as BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz ML400 AMG or Audi Q7.

Differences of Lexus GX460 Facelift compared to the old version

  • Change the design of the grille with a larger size and more bunker
  • New 3-ball LED headlight
  • Add new leather material Rioja Red
  • Provide packages equipped with Sport Design Package, Off-Road Package

In this upgrade, the vehicle's performance has been improved the most. The most expensive equipment in the operation of the Lexus GX460 2020 Facelift is the Torsen anti-slip differential lock system that provides good traction, especially on slippery pavement.

The Lexus GX460 2020 Facelift features a similar body-on-frame structure on current truck models to increase bearing capacity, helping the vehicle to operate more stably when cornering.

2020 Lexus GX4 Facelift has the "heart" of the 4.6L V8 petrol engine block for a maximum capacity of 301 horsepower, maximum torque of 446 Nm.

All power is transmitted to the 4-wheel drive system via a 6-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to that, the pulling power of the car can be up to 2948 kg. At this upgrade, Lexus also offers a new optional Off-Road Package.

This package includes Crawl Control over-terrain speed system, surrounding CCTV with multiple viewing modes, the system to select the driving mode suitable for the Multi-Terrain Select terrain. Thanks to that, GX460 2020 Facelift can "sweep" in any terrain.

Among them, the most notable is the Multi-Terrain Select system that allows the GX460 2020 Facelift to move flexibly on rocky, mud, sandy or snowy terrain.

Besides performance, appearance is the element that Lexus focuses on improving the most. GX460 2020 Facelift uses a large chassis with an overall length x width x height of 4880 x 1885 x 1885 mm, respectively.

Lexus is also very quick in keeping up with design trends in the world. The proof is the spindle grille has been extended downwards. The long horizontal chrome bars on the old version have been replaced with black painted meshes.

The new grille has made the front of the car in the pit and cool, this is also the most expensive upgrade in the exterior. Equally striking is the refreshed 3-ball LED headlight system that creates a sharper look, which is also a design trend on new models of Lexus.

If customers are still not satisfied with the new face of the GX460 2020 Facelift, Lexus also offers an additional Sport Design Package. This equipment package helps many details in the exterior painted black matte sports style.

The side of the car remains the same square and familiar shape. The 19-inch wheels fitted are still not commensurate with the aggressive appearance of GX460 2020 Facelift.

However, the smoothness and soundproofing will be enhanced. It is equipped with a pair of modern rearview mirrors with an electric folding function that integrates position memory, drying mirrors and turn signals.

Unfortunately, Lexus has not changed the rear light styling of the GX460 2020 Facelift which has become "obsolete" when placed next to rivals. Exhaust system is also just a form of offset orders must not be harmonized.

The interior space of the Lexus GX460 2020 Facelift is very spacious with a wheelbase of 2789 mm. If you own the Sport Design Package, the second row will be separated in the business style, giving the boss the most comfortable feeling.

The cockpit of the GX460 2020 Facelift is more luxurious than before thanks to the elegant dashboard of Sapele wood trim and aluminum trim. The square block panels remain the same, making it feel like a true off-road vehicle.

The steering wheel of GX460 2020 Facelift is still the familiar 3-spoke leather wrapped, comes with many convenient buttons.

All seats are leather and add new colors including Black, Sepia, Ecru and Rioja Red. The elasticity on the seats has also been tweaked for a softer feel

2020 GX460 Facelift is equipped with 2-zone automatic air conditioning for fast and deep cooling when combined with the rear door air vents.

The infotainment system on GX460 2020 Facelift includes familiar features on its predecessor as:

8 inch touch screen
  • DVD player, USB connection, Bluetooth
  • Sound system 9 speakers
  • In addition, the car also has smart keys, start with buttons, electric drive 12V.
If you have a high demand for music experience, the owner can choose a high-quality Mark Levinson sound system including 17 speakers with top quality.

  • Lane departure warning system
  • Early collision warning with pedestrian detection
  • High-speed cruise control by radar
  • Electronic balance.
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • Assist to begin across hill
  • Electronic traction control
  • Tire pressure warning
It can be seen, the appearance and off-road ability of the 2020 GX460 are two factors that the Lexus team focuses most on this upgrade.

Feedback from users indicates that they are also willing to trade in improvements to the infotainment system to enjoy the ultimate off-road feel in a bunker. Therefore the upgrade of GX460 2020 is said to be very successful.

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