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Ford Tourneo 2019 - a large MPV model with many "unique goods"

Ford Tourneo 2019 - a large MPV model with many "unique goods"

Tourneo 2019 - the first model of Ford Vietnam is officially on display at authorized Ford dealers. The car converges many money-worthy elements of a high-end MPV, which is expected this year, Ford Tourneo will create incredible fluctuations in the 7-seater MPV segment.

Large and stable exterior
Ford Tourneo 2019 possesses a large body with a chassis with an overall dimensions of 4976 x 2095 x 1990 mm. Compared to the Kia Sedona, the 2019 Tourneo is shorter than 139 mm, 110 mm longer and 235 mm taller.

Viewed from the front, Tourneo looks quite similar to the Focus model version 2013-2014 with the long grille polygonal grille. The diffuser below stretches around the entire front bumper with sophisticated daytime lights.

On the two sides of the car is a large headlight assembly, which enhances the lighting ability with Halogen technology with a Projector lens. On the capo is embossed lines stroking along the top to help the car more bulky.

Tourneo has a physique not too different from other MPVs on the market. Still a long nose style and square frame for the whole body. The car looks quite heavy because of its large body, low ground but in return the advantage is for firmness.

Vehicles using 16-inch steering wheel - the size is too suitable for large cars. Along with that is the electric folding and adjustable rearview mirror with integrated turn signal light. Steps up and down are reinforced firmly, firmly.

The rear of the car is square shaped extremely superficial and stocky. The taillights on both sides are a column of LED printed deep into the box and completely separate from the trunk lid. The back door surface is flat and square, with chrome accents.

Spacious interior, beautiful
With a wheelbase of 2933 mm, the Ford Tourneo satisfies the comfortable seating space for 7 people inside. Equipped with electric sunroof makes the interior of the car more airy for passengers in row 2.

Although the Tourneo is a specialized multi-purpose vehicle to transport passengers, the dashboard design is extremely carefully invested. The raised touch screen and the V-shaped air inlet are highlights not to be missed. Compact gear lever pushed higher just about the driver. The center console area is also streamlined to a small cluster of buttons.

The car uses a very solid 4-spoke steering wheel with sturdy handle for a precise, flexible grip. Along with that is the 4-way adjustment feature compatible with the sitting posture.

The inner seats have a 2-2-3 configuration, the first two rows of seats have armrests for each seat. Leather seats, 6-10-way manual driver's seat, second row of seats with armrests, seat backs and sliding adjustment. The third row seats recline, rolls forward and flexibly 60:40.

Ford Tourneo 2019 is equipped with automatic air conditioning 2 independent areas before and after the doors for each row. Therefore, customers can be assured of the cooling capacity of this MPV model.

The infotainment system on Ford Tourneo 2019 includes:

  • 7 inch (Titanium) or 3.5 inch Dot Matrix (Trend) touch screen, MP3, MP4
  • Extremely modern SYNC 3 voice control function for intelligent voice recognition
  • AM / FM, Bluetooth, USB connection
  • 6-speaker sound system
  • 220V power outlet
  • Smooth operation

Both versions of the Ford Tourneo use the 2.0L EcoBoost 16-valve petrol engine block capable of producing up to 200 horsepower, maximum torque of 300 Nm. All power is transmitted to the front drive system via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Tourneo is the first MPV model in Vietnam to be equipped with a special air suspension-type suspension system on luxury cars priced from 4-5 billion to bring super-smooth feeling without any competitors in the segment. The song can catch up.

Comes with a thick tire set with 215 / 65R16 parameters to enhance smoothness and reduce noise. By using hydraulic power steering, the feeling of steering on Ford Tourneo will be firmer.

However, when moving in urban areas will be a drawback because the steering wheel will be quite heavy, making rotation difficult.

The car has a ground clearance of 149 mm, quite low compared to other competitors in the segment making the ability to "climb sideways" is somewhat limited but in return, the car has a solid body, keeping a very good balance.

Safety system diversity
Safety systems on the Ford Tourneo 2019 include:

  • Anti-lock braking ABS
  • Electronic brake force distribution EBD
  • Electronic balance ESP
  • Departure across the slope of HAC
  • Front / back sensor
  • Front / rear parking assistance
  • Reverse camera
  • 2-6 airbags
  • Cruise Control

Although never appeared in Vietnam before, Ford Tourneo has shown itself to have too many competitive advantages compared to competitors in the segment, especially the very affordable price. Therefore, we can fully believe that Ford Tourneo can create outstanding sales and lead the MPV 7-seat segment.

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