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Review the 2019 RC RC 300 car 2019

Review the 2019 RC RC 300 car 2019

In early April this year, Lexus Vietnam officially unveiled the "super product" RC300 2019. The car immediately attracted attention by possessing a look asymptotic to the top coupe LC. Along with that is the experience of sporty driving.

Discover to find out what Lexus RC300 2019 is the "weapons" to confront the formidable rivals such as Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe, Audi A5 Coupe or BMW 4 Series Coupe.

Exterior Lexus RC 300 2019
RC300 2019 is almost completely transformed when applying the new design language from Lexus LC senior. The new RC300 2019 chassis has an overall dimensions of length x width x height of 4700 x 1840 x 1395 mm. Thus, the length of RC300 2019 has increased by 5 mm compared to its predecessor.

At the front of the car, customers can identify the similarities between the RC300 and the top-of-the-line LC model through the grille. The spindly steering wheel face with sharp downward strokes helps RC300 2019 always stand out next to German models.

The "eyes" of the Lexus RC 300 2019 car has an eagle shape with a harmonious combination of sharp strokes and soft rounded. Comes with the function of washing the lights, automatically turning on / off, automatically balancing the projection angle to bring the best view to the owner.

Inside the headlight cluster are 3 delicate semicircular LED headlights with a unique cascading structure. The most impressive is the thick LED daytime running strip of lights that makes the front of the car look very attractive.

The two lower air intakes are quite deeply cut with stylized triangular tiles. The diffuser has a slender design to make room for the grille to show off.

The side of RC300 2019 is extremely attractive with separate sexy lines of the Coupe. However, a little regret when RC300 2019 is only equipped with 18-inch wheels. If it is 19 inches or more, the 2019 RC300 can completely show off its athletic and athletic features.

In return, the rearview mirror of the car is very modern. In addition to the electric folding-adjustment function with integrated turn indicator light, the mirror also has features such as anti-glare, mirror drying, memory location, self-adjusting when reversing.

RC300 2019 also shows the thoughtfulness when integrating a small light bulb at the door handle to help owners see better at night.

Looking back, RC300 2019 creates a strong visual effect by creating lines that are close and definitive. The Japanese automaker has cleverly equipped a small spoiler to create a masculine look.

The boldest mark on the rear of the car is the tail light cluster with a stylized triangle design, inside is a sharp L-shaped LED strip. Besides, the rear end also has two air intakes similar to the front of the car that help RC300 look very personal.

RC300 2019 is equipped with a dual exhaust shaped quite soft, lying symmetrically, creating a beautiful balance. This will be the place to create the powerful roar sounds characteristic of the 2-door Coupe brand of Lexus.

Lexus RC 300 2019 interior
Compared to competitors in the same segment, the 2019 RC300 has a fairly weak base shaft of 2730 mm. Spacious space will focus primarily on the front seats, so the back seats will be quite tight.

However, in contrast to sedans, the shorter wheelbase will help RC300 cornering more accurate and acceleration significantly improved.

To reduce the space inside the car less stuffy, Lexus has equipped with a sunroof with the function of adjusting electricity, opening / opening 1 touch, anti-jamming. The two sides of the door are covered with high-grade Shimamoku wood with laminating art to help the interior compartment look truly classy.

The dashboard of the RC300 2019 is not as polished as the German models. Instead, it is simplicity, true style and high spirit of sportiness. The center screen of the car will be controlled via a touchpad cluster quite similar to the "Muc" models.

Opposite the driver's seat is a 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with power adjustment function, memory position, integrated shift lever. Admittedly, the steering wheel of the RC300 still does not bring the luxury sense as the German rivals.

All seats in the car are covered with high-grade Smooth leather. Part seating structure concave to create a low sitting posture, close to the floor to create a sporty feel like the "super cow" Lamborghini.

The front row of the car has a cooling function. 10-way power driver's seat, 3-position memory, while the auxiliary seat can adjust for 8 directions. RC300 2019 has a standard luggage compartment capacity of 374 liters. If more space is needed, the owner can fold the rear seat in a 60:40 ratio.

Comfort facilities
Lexus RC300 2019 is equipped with 2-zone automatic air conditioning, accompanied by pollen dust filter functions, which automatically change the airflow mode. Thanks to that, the cabin compartment always maintains the freshest and coolest temperature, which helps the owner's feelings to be sublimated.

The infotainment system on RC300 2019 has a lot of interesting features. Notably, such as the 10.3-inch central screen, navigation system integrated Vietnam map, high-quality Mark Levinson sound system including 17 speakers for a high-end music experience.

In addition, the car also has some basic features such as: CD / DVD player, AM / FM radio, USB connection, AUX, Bluetooth, button start, automatic rain wiper.

The "heart" of RC300 2019 is the 2.0L I4, D4-S, Turbo engine block. This machine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 241 horsepower, maximum torque of 350 Nm.

For added driving pleasure, Lexus has equipped an 8-speed automatic transmission with fast and smooth shift times. Comes with rear-wheel drive system to help improve acceleration.

Thanks to that, RC300 2019 can perform the acceleration screen from 0-100km / h in 7.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 230km / h. However, the RC300 2019 still has not been able to catch up with the Mercedes C300 Coupe with 245 horsepower with an acceleration time of only 6 seconds.

RC300 2019 has a total of 3 driving modes including Eco, Normal, Sport with easy switch operation with the knob. Vehicles equipped with front / rear suspension form double lever / multi links help the car glide through the "potholes" quite smoothly even at high speeds.

Besides, the car also uses the brakes before / after the ventilated disc to limit the situation of hotter when braking urgently. With the advantage of a 135 mm high ground, RC300 2019 will grip the road very well. Thin tires with 235 / 45R18 parameters also contributed significantly to the acceleration of RC300.

Safety & Security
As Japanese models, especially Lexus brand, quite understandable when the safety system of RC300 2019 has a lot of features.

Specifically included: 8 airbags, anti-lock braking, emergency braking force assist, electronic brake force distribution, vehicle body stability, traction control, integrated dynamics management, start assist crossroads.

In addition, the car also has: Cruise control, blind spot warning, vehicle cross-traffic alert when reversing, tire pressure warning, reversing camera, child seat hook, crumple capo cap.

With impressive performances, the Lexus RC 300 2019 becomes a new breeze for the luxury 2-door Coupe segment. Even the appearance of RC 300 2019 is appreciated by many customers of the cars of Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

However, it must be admitted that the dynamic power of RC 300 2019 is not really outstanding. So owners who have a high demand for driving feel a little disturbed. However, overall, the RC 300 2019 is still a bright name in the present time for those who like the new, not in touch.

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