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Review Honda Accord 2020

Review Honda Accord 2020

At the Vietnam Motor Show 2019 that has just happened in the past few days, Honda brings the all-new Accord, a familiar name in the D-class sedan segment.

Facing heavyweight rivals such as Mazda 6, Kia Optima or Toyota Camry, so the 10th generation Honda Accord is invested and upgraded more. The changes focus on operational configuration.

Experts expect that these changes will help the Accord 2020 to have a better resilience, when rivals have dominated the market share.

Exterior Honda Accord 2020
The new generation Honda Accord has dramatic changes in appearance. Despite being a Japanese model, the new design has a youthful and fresh European feel. The car has a long size, width is 4920 x 1860 mm.

The front of the car creates an extremely attractive, seductive look with a glossy black mask. With high quality plastic, this area exudes high aesthetics and is not to be confused with cheap details.

In the center is the H-shaped logo covered with glossy chrome. Next to it is a long bar that extends to the top of the car to increase the ideal width. Most noticeable is the front headlight cluster which uses LED technology with the ability to automatically turn on and off.

Deep inside are a series of dense, detailed folding lamps that help the Accord look truly impressive. LED daytime running lights upside down show a distinct signature only on the Accord and give a cooler look.

The front bumper of the Honda Accord has a fairly long gap compared to the hood. Balancing on both sides, the air inlet folds neatly to create a premise for the protruding bumper.

Seen from the side, Honda Accord conquers customers with a very sporty and trendy body. The overall focus is on the rear like modern coupes. Notable highlights in the body of the car can not ignore the aluminum splint on the door is very delicate.

"Following" the headlights, a ribbed line is extended from front to back and runs across the side of the car calculating. The arch of the window downwards is quite beautiful. The whole body is mounted on a set of 17-18 inch wheels just right.

2020 Honda Accord breaking the old design was somewhat boring. The rearview mirror and door handle of the car are the same body color, the chrome threads are gently and exquisitely attached. Besides, features like electric folding and auto dimming are all fully equipped.

Unfortunately, the tail of the Honda Accord does not have a breakthrough in design. The dual exhaust pipes on the car have been completely removed, instead, the rear bumper is covered with a thick layer of chromium.

The taillights of the car adopt LED technology for a beautiful view from every angle. With an opposing C-shape, the new generation Honda Accord retains the familiar uniqueness of the old generation. Right above is the shark fin antenna and the spoiler that is bold with personality.

Interior Honda Accord 2020
2020 Honda Accord is one of the D-class sedans that keep up with the design trend of the era. Just open the car door, customers will immediately feel the new, subtle in shaping the interior compartment.

With a wheelbase of 2830 mm, an increase of 55 mm compared to its predecessor, the Honda Accord creates a very spacious sitting space. Right on the ceiling, the sunroof is cleverly installed so that passengers can easily interact with the outside world.

Dashboard is one of the bright spots worth attention and praise. Reasonably applying design rules from straight lines, the center table of the Honda Accord looks extremely lively and out of style.

Right in the middle is a trendy, separate floating screen. This is a way of shaping that most sedans are setting up. The gearshift area has a streamlined, simple construction structure to prevent distractions.

Touching the steering wheel, the owner will feel very excited when touching the smooth leather material. Borrowing the idea of ​​a 3-spoke leather-wrapped cross-section from high-performance models of Mercedes, Honda Accord conquered customers by having an impressive steering wheel.

The seating system brings different and strange experiences when there are many new amenities. Specifically, the seats on the car are leather, 8-way power driver's seat, 4-way power front passenger seat to help find suitable sitting postures.

Comfort facilities
2020 Honda Accord is equipped with 2-zone automatic air conditioning. Besides, the rear seats also arrange air vents. Thanks to that, the cool space is always spread throughout the cabin.

Inford infotainment system on 2020 is more invested with many interesting and new features. Specifically include: 7 inch TFT central screen, wireless phone charging, navigation, USB connection, Bluetooth, voice control.

2019 Honda Accord 2019
In particular, the Japanese car company also thoughtfully upgraded the music experience with 8-speaker high-end sound system. Promises to bring relaxing moments for users. In addition, the car also has some other features such as: start / stop button start, HUD screen ...

Two engines 2.0L and 2.4L on the old version officially "said goodbye". Replacing that gap are the two types of engines including 1.5L Supercharged Petrol and 2.0L Hybrid. Hybrid version unfortunately will not be sold in Vietnam.

Honda accord 2019 car engine
The 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 190 hp, maximum torque of 243 Nm.

Meanwhile, the 2.0L Hybrid electric motor including i-VTEC Gasoline engine generates 145 horsepower, 175 Nm combined with two electric motors. When combined, the total power can be up to 215 horsepower.

Honda Accord 2020 will own a new CVT gearbox instead of the 5-speed automatic transmission in the old version. This improvement helps to bring excited, smoother driving feeling for future owners.

Honda Accord 2019 steering wheel
It can be seen that the operating power of the Accord 2020 is significantly increased with the effective support of electric motors and CVT gearbox. This new power source is expected to save Accord's struggling sales.

The Accord 2020 will be equipped with the new Sport Hybrid i-MMD intelligent multi-mode steering system. This system allows users to freely experience three different driving modes: EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

Honda has prepared two different tire parameters depending on customer preferences. If smoothness is emphasized, 225 / 50R17 tires will be the best choice. For those who prefer a good grip, 235 / 45R18 thin tires will be very reasonable.

No need to argue about the safety system on the Accord 2020 when the car owns a series of modern features. Specifically include: automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, Cruise control, front parking sensor, rear parking assistance.

In addition, the car also has: 360-degree camera, vehicle warning, intelligent parking assistance, lane departure warning.

Admittedly, Accord sales are not really impressive, even quite "sluggish". However, Honda has made timely additions to the Accord 2020 that help bring the necessary confidence for this D-class sedan to other "stunned" rivals.

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