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Review Toyota Innova 2019

Review Toyota Innova 2019

Toyota Innova 2019 2.0E, G, V, Venturer spot delivery (Silver, Gray, Brown, White, Red, Black) best price, insurance, accessories. Low LS installment support.

In the MPV segment of multi-purpose, in terms of sales, all competitors must "lean" against Toyota Innova.

First launched in 2006, the cumulative sales of the Toyota Innova now account for about 80-90% of the versatile vehicle market share. In 2018, Toyota Innova is one of 2 Toyota models in the Top 10 best selling cars in Vietnam besides Toyota Vios.

Thereby, Innova can be found a very solid position in the Vietnamese market thanks to its unique advantages.

Exterior of Toyota Innova 2019
It's undeniable that the Toyota Innova 2019 has a fairly old design aimed at customers over the age of 35. However, the Japanese car company still knows how to rejuvenate this car by launching the Venturer version with red color. and black personality.

Overall, Innova has a large body, a pedestal thanks to the chassis body size overall length x width x height of 4735 x 1830 x 1795 mm respectively.

Meanwhile, the diffuser has a huge size of a stylized trapezoidal shape that helps Innova show off the bunker.

The headlight is composed of spheres using Halogen or LED lighting systems. Comes with auto / on / off functions, automatic projection angle adjustment / manual adjustment. Below is a willow fog lamp cluster that provides convenient visibility for the driver.

toyota innova 2018 bodywork
The side profile is square and sturdy with ribbed panels. Support for the chassis is the rim size from 16-17 inches. Above is a pair of rearview mirrors that can be folded and adjusted with integrated turn signals.

Most prominent in the rear of the car is a halogen rear light cluster with a horizontal design combined with sharp turn signals to create a unique "pair of canines". The upper is also integrated with shark fin antenna and spoiler to help improve aerodynamics.

Interior of Toyota Innova 2019
Step into the interior of Toyota Innova, customers will feel the cabin is very spacious thanks to the wheelbase of 2750 mm. Thanks to Toyota's streamlined arrangement, all rows of seats have ample leg room for passenger comfort.

The dashboard has a unique wavy design and has a metal border that stretches along the moving trajectory. The central area is also covered with fake wood to make the car less service.

Advanced leather steering wheel with many buttons integrated
Toyota Innova 2019 uses a 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel or Urethane with 4-way manual adjustment function to provide a suitable grip.

Material seat covers are diverse, including high-quality leather, felt and felt to help customers easily choose depending on the budget. In addition, the driver's seat can be adjusted for 8-way power or 4-6-way mechanical adjustment.

  • The second row seat space stretches comfortably
  • Toyota Innova 2018, Buy car Innova installment (Third row)
  • The third row space is also very comfortable
  • Passenger seat and the second row of seats with 4 directions, the third row with 2 directions. If additional storage space is required, owners can fold seats 2 and 3 in 60:40 and 50:50 ratios.

Convenience equipped
Toyota Innova 2019 is equipped with an air conditioning system with two automatic or automatic cooling rigs. Comes with air vents for the rear passenger compartment to distribute air evenly throughout the cabin.

  • Toyota Innova 2018, Buy Innova cars (Ceiling)
  • Ceiling has lights (2.0V and G)
  • Despite being labeled as a service car, the infotainment system of Toyota Innova is still quite modern, not inferior to rivals. Specifically including: 7-inch touch screen, CD / DVD player, USB connection, AUX, Bluetooth, hands-free conversation, 4-6 speaker sound system.

Toyota Innova 2018, Buy Innova car by installment (Wifi connected DVD)

  • DVD player with Wifi connection integrated on Innova 2019
  • Toyota Innova 2018, Buy Innova car by installment (Wifi connected DVD)
  • Boot by button on Innova 2.0V, engine start on other versions
  • In addition, the car also has: smart key and start with buttons, cooling box, cup holder, armrests.

Operating mode of Innova 2019
Transmission for 4-wheel drive of Toyota Innova 2019 is a 2.0L petrol engine block, dual VVT-i, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves DOHC. This machine can produce a maximum capacity of 137 horsepower, maximum torque of 183 Nm.

All versions are equipped with a powerful 2.0-liter engine
All power is transmitted to the rear drive system via two types of gearbox options are 6-speed automatic or 5-speed manual.

Toyota Innova 2019 can glide smoothly through the potholes thanks to the use of a double-wishbone front suspension, coil springs and stabilizer bars. Rear suspension links 4 points, coil springs and side arms. Comes with 2 thick wheels with parameters 215 / 65R17 and 205 / 65R16.

Toyota Innova 2.0G automatic transmission 2018 (Wheels)
Innova 2019 brakes work very well when equipped with front / rear brake discs vent / drum. The feeling of steering on Innova 2019 is very firm and firm because of the hydraulic steering wheel. The car has a height of 178 mm that is just enough to adapt to the flooding situation in Vietnam.

Safety and security of Innova 2019
Toyota Innova 2019 is equipped with a lot of safety systems such as anti-lock braking, emergency braking assistance, electronic brake force distribution, electronic balance, traction control.

In addition, the car also has: support for horizontal departure, reversing camera, reverse sensor, 7 airbags, seat belt 3 points 7-8, GOA chassis. In addition, security is enhanced with alarm system and engine encryption to enhance security.

The front of the Innova 2019 looks mature and polite with neutral beauty. The grille creates accents with two parallel chrome strips stretching out the front of the car giving off a luxurious look.

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